portrait davidMy name is David Langton and I am the author of “Sealed with Blood,” an historical fiction story centered around Magna Carta. The historical aspects have been well researched, and inform the story, but this is very much written to be an entertaining work of fiction rather than a history book.

Please feel free to print a chapter for yourself if you prefer to read it on paper.

Please take the time to share with people if you like it, it really does help writers get off the ground. And please leave a comment or get in contact to tell me what you think of it!


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  1. excellent!I thought I would just try a short read as few books pull me in with much focus nowadays…and..I was in the story..wanting to know what had gone before and what was to happen.So I abandoned the short piece I had read and went to the start.Lovely story telling style,Love is indeed how you speak ,as is life and as are people.It is lovely also that you openly share pages for all.A story teller indeed.Thanks.sort of sucks you in,brilliant.

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